On Spring Cleaning–Christ’s Weekly Belonging House Update

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Dear Friends and Intercessors:

Thank you for your prayers.

It has been a relief to finally have what I would describe as spring in New England. One of the things I miss in the cold weather is my time by the ocean. God seems to speak to me more clearly in the early morning at the shore. One of my favorite spots gives me a clear view of Boston, and in that place I can pray, declare, and listen to God for the city.

Early this week I was looking over the ocean, and it felt like I had “waxy buildup.” It seemed like my thoughts, prayers, and creativity were blocked. I was reminded of a passage from the The Healing Light by Agnes Sanford. She describes how God’s “power flow” in our lives gets hindered through sin. Throughout the book, she descibes this power as light, and so sin in our lives is like dirt on a window. As this dirt builds up, it prevents the light from shining through. Our lives are like that window–most of us see a gradual buildup (although now and again there are big “mud splashes”).

That morning I asked the Lord to reveal to me every area of my life where there was unconfessed sin, where I had a sinful reaction to another person, or where I was carrying an offense (that’s sin). It was amazing how after a this time with God, my thoughts became clear. I was able to get direction from the Lord, and had the energy to tackle all that needed to be done that day.

We underestimate the value of freedom.

Last Friday we had our first Art and Awe gathering. I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but we were able to integrate harp and bowl prayer and visual art, poetry, and dance into a cohesive whole. Our next one will be June 6.

Today I am traveling to Hartford, Connecticut and tomorrow I will be leading worship for the House of Good Hope. The meeting will be at 10 am at the South Congregational Church, 277Main St, Hartford CT. Our friend and Belonging House board member Kevin Moffatt will be teaching.

Monday I will be headed to Wilmore, Kentucky to lecture at Asbury Theological Seminary. Please pray for this strategic trip. I have been asked to speak on my experiences in spiritual warfare. It should come as no surprise that I have faced a lot of difficulties around this trip. Thanks for your prayers!

He Never Fails,



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