Freedom is not Free–Christ’s Weekly Belonging House Update


Dear Friends and Intercessors:

Thank you for your prayers!

Because of the long Memorial Day weekend in the United States, your Friday email arrives on Thursday!

For you who live beyond the U.S., Memorial Day was first established by freed slaves to honor the soldiers who died for their freedom in the American Civil War.

Yesterday my friends Jennie and Andrea went with me to the site of the first house in Boston. We went to pray over some of the roots of pride and rebellion in the city. It was intense. After we were finished, we looked over and we saw over 7000 small U.S. flags on the Boston Common. There was one flag for each man who died in battle from Boston since the American Revolution. It was hard to not “choke up” when I saw it.

Freedom is not free. And, as Alfred Lord Tennyson once wrote, “Liberty requires eternal vigilance.”

Last night I spoke with a group of men who are studying An Army Arising.   It was an amazing time, and as they asked me questions, they wanted to know what battle I face in the ministry of Belonging House. I told them that fear is the number one issue we face. Fear prevents men and women from walking in faith. Fear keeps people from taking risks. Fear prevents people from obeying God. Fear chokes creativity. Fear is the enemy of freedom. It is only the perfect Love of God that can get you free from fear. That love, expressed in the sacrifice of the Cross, sets us free.

Paul told the Galatians, “It is for freedom that Christ has set you free.” My friend Mario Bergner recently mentioned on Facebook that God’s real goal for us is freedom–freedom from sin, diseased relationships, and attachments.

One of the most creative people I know called me the other night in tears. She was dealing with a relationship that just didn’t seem to improve. As we talked and prayed, I sensed that she had made an inner vow that released a curse in her life. We walked through forgiveness of sin, and we were able to break that curse. She began to experience immediate freedom.

That freedom came because Jesus paid the ultimate price. Wherever you live in the world, I pray this weekend you take some time to express gratitude for the One who came to give you freedom.

* * *

This has been an exciting season, and God has given me a prayer challenge to begin praying in the budget I need to be in Boston. It has been exciting to see God’s miraculous provision, and I look forward to sharing with you how it is coming together! If you would like to join in praying with me for this goal, let me know.

Don’t miss the First Friday Art and Awe, June 6th at the North Shore Bridge, 77 Turnpike Rd, Ipswich MA starting at 9pm. God is doing a new thing merging prayer and the arts.

Join us June 13th for a night of harp worship and praise with Michael-David and Zsiporah Moon. Come see the Harpella in action! The evening starts at 7pm at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main St, West Concord, MA 01742.

Have a great weekend!

He Never Fails,



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