After Communion

At the end of Communion I wanted to pour

The rest of the wine over my head.

In the night-dark chapel I could feel what it would be like:

The cold wine seeping into my clothes, dripping from my hair

Onto the floor, stinging my eyes to tears.

I wanted to saturate all of my body with You: wash all of me,

Soak me through with Your blood’s wine.

But my companions would have had their silent prayers

Startled, and the wine would have stained the rug.

The tears dropping from my face onto my clothes

As I returned alone to my room, staggering a little,

Through the dark gardens, had to stand for the wine,

Only a little more salty.

–Deanna Harrington Christiansen, 2008, used by permission.

Deanna Christiansen is a poet living and writing in Rochester, New Hampshire.  “To Whom It May Concern” is in a collection of her poetry entitled Notes on a Flight Home.  To purchase her book and to find out more about Deanna, go to her website here.