To Whom It May Concern

Preaching obedience to fathers while not fathering

To pastors while not pastoring

To husbands while not husbanding

To leaders not leading

Friends not befriending

Loved ones not loving

While practicing to become the fathers that treated

you thus

While lording it over those to whom you are not



Men distant at my joys while mouthing joy in the


Clouds without water

Denying my despair while you despair,

How dare

You, being evil, take

The place of God?

–Deanna Harrington Christiansen, 2008, used by permission.

Deanna Christiansen is a poet living and writing in Rochester, New Hampshire.  “To Whom It May Concern” is in a collection of her poetry entitled Notes on a Flight Home.  To purchase her book and to find out more about Deanna, go to her website here.