Prophetic Word for the Month of Kislev

Tonight marks the start of the new Hebrew month, Kislev.  God has been taking his body through a three month season of stretching and training.  We are the vine, and he is the vine dresser.  We have been trimmed, cleaned of old growth, and attached to a trellis to cause us to grow properly and bear much fruit in the next season.  As I was praying the prayers blessing the new month, I came to Psalm 118 and the Lord assured me that we were moving out of the season of faith building and into the season of fulfillment.  God builds faith in us through giving us challenges.  Watch as the challenges suddenly vanish and the seeming resistance disappears.  Satan has not been opposing you in the last season.  God has been putting resistance on you to persevere and press through.  God has been building your strength.

There is significance in the date of Hanukkah this year. Many will miss this because of the spirit of antichrist operating even in the church.  This year Hanukkah leads up to and climaxes at Christmas.  God is wanting to “turn the lights on” this month.  Rather than see darkness, He wants the light to grow, and the light is Jesus Christ, God in the flesh.  The next season for the church is about the Incarnation–God working in and through man and being the living Presence of Jesus in the earth.  Satan knows this, and that is what the war over Christmas is about–obscuring or denying the Incarnation.  The spirit of antichrist is a religious spirit–content with forms, rituals, or activities that consume our time but deny that God took on flesh in Jesus Christ.  The next move of God is going to emphasize this reality.  The spirit of Islam and the spirit of secularism are the same spirit.

Beware the religious spirit in the next month. Ask God to open your eyes to “functional atheism.”  Pay special attention to prayers that sound spiritual but deny true faith. This next month is a time when the brakes are off. Take bold steps and move ahead wherever possible.  I am sensing a season of acceleration beginning.  Hold on tight as you begin to see the Lord moving in areas that you had given up on.  Watch as God changes your life just like after a child is born.   This season is going to carry through past this month and on into early 2015. Pay attention to “growth in the winter.”