The Renaissance Anointing–Prophetic Word for 2015

I am releasing a renaissance anointing in this new season.

It is the spirit of Bezalel.

My image is being restored in the earth.

Do not look at what men are doing.  Look at me.  Look at my Word.  Listen, for I am speaking clearly in this day.

There is a new birth of freedom happening.  Many want to hear freedom as a political or patriotic idea.  Freedom does not come from man’s government.  Men only find ways to lay heavy burdens on others.  True freedom comes from the Holy Spirit breaking bonds and releasing others.

All carriers of the Renaissance anointing are freedom fighters.  Just as creativity is a release of faith, so renaissance comes from a release of freedom.

It is for freedom that Christ has set you free.  Do not be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

I want you, and everyone in the army of artists to walk in freedom.  Freedom is the goal.  I am not creating another religious system to lay burdens on others.  Do not put on others burdens that you yourself cannot walk in.

I am bringing a great shift to churches, organizations, and governments.  Belonging House is part of this shift.  I am going to show you a new way to do church.  I never intended church to focus on meetings.  I intended church to focus on a new way of being human.  All of creation longs for that moment when humankind finally begins to be human.  No government, no reform, no political or religious movement can do this.  Only my Spirit moving from the inside out can make people live like human beings.

Revival is not enough.

What I am doing is bigger than revival.  I am beginning a wholesale renovation of the earth, and I choose to begin it in New England.

I choose New England because I always remember what men do for me.  I remember covenants, and I remember commitments.  I carry every sacrifice with me.

The problem with the church in New England was not that their vision was off or too large or grandiose.  The problem was their vision was too small–far, far, too small!  Their vision has been small because their god is too small.  For years they were content to pray for people to repent.  They only wanted people to repent and become Protestant.  I am bigger than this.  My vision is for a new civilization full of transformed people, transformed lives, and transformed minds.  My vision is for a new way of living, for a new way of being human.

Repentance is not my goal.  Sin is much smaller from my perspective.  Through the cross I conquered sin and death.  Let go of your earthbound perspective on sin and human brokenness.  A renewed mind requires that you embrace my perspective.

My perspective is very different from your perspective.  My ways are not your ways.  My thoughts are not your thoughts.

What if I put Barack Obama in office to bring America to her knees?  What if I needed the darkness to increase so that the Light would need to increase?  No one lights a lamp when the day is bright.  It is only when the darkness grows greater that many, many will light a lamp.  Because of the darkness in this hour, the world has become full of lamplighters.  It is time to see the world, the ministry, and the church from my perspective.

The best days for America are ahead, not behind.

My Presence can do it all.

My church needs more than a revival.  She needs more than a reformation. My church needs to be born again.

This is what Renaissance means–it is rebirth.

Are you willing to revisit all of your assumptions in this season?

Behold, I am doing a new thing.  It is time to revisit, and travel the ancient pathways.  It is time to go back before the Reformation, time to take a roadway through the wilderness.

There are old roots that can give new growth.  There is old seed that can become a new plant.  This old seed has been hidden, waiting to be watered.  It is ready to burst into bloom.