Prophetic Words for a New Season

It has been a while since I shared some of the words God has given me in my prayer time.  I felt these were especially timely and needed to be made available for you to reflect on and pray over.

March 4

When you look around you see empty church buildings–monuments to former moves of God, former revivals, former movements of the human spirit. In this new day I will not build buildings, but I will build a people. Those people will build a culture.

I am interested in a new humanity, a new civilization, a new outpouring of my Spirit in the earth.

For many years I have told you that your vision is too small. That vision was formed by the church, and it was focused on shoring up and preserving broken, obsolete institutions. You can now see how small they are and how broken they have become.

You are like a bird who has escaped the snare of the fowler. The snare is truly broken and you have escaped. The church is angry because many many birds have escaped the cage. Birds are meant to fly, not eat birdseed and sit on a perch looking in a little mirror.

Do you understand what I am saying? I have been the one closing churches. I have been keeping many with leadership gifts out of the church. It has not been some other force. This is the end of the house of Eli.

In Eli’s day there were many who avoided the place of worship, knowing that the priest were corrupt. The same is true today.

I would rather people flee the church and in the end find me than have them have a false sense of safety. Many sit in church thinking they are safe when in fact they are on a fast-track to hell. The church has prevented many from hearing me. Some have been comforted in their sin, thinking all will be well. Others have been deceived into believing meetings, activities, and soul-stirring music can replace a relationship with Me.

All of creation is groaning for the revealing of the children of God. All creation is groaning for a body of people who are a new humanity, a new civilization, a new creation. If I can transform one person, why can’t I transform a whole civilization? If Ninevah could turn and repent, why can’t American, or China, or even Iran? Your vision is too small.

Remember my prophet I ordered not to mourn or weep for his dead wife. You too cannot weep for what I am doing in the earth. This is a great Transition and a shift. It will seem like a cataclysm, and it is happening quickly.

I have hidden many things, and they are beginning to quickly unfold in the earth. Do not be alarmed by geo-political strife, and do not be alarmed as things change. Finally, do not look back. Let me sort it all out for you. I have given you a job to do. Write. Pray. Gather people to me.

December 22, 2014

My Presence can do it all.

My church needs more than a revival and more than a reformation. The church needs to be born again.

This is what Renaissance means. It means rebirth.

Are you willing to revisit all of your assumptions about church?

Behold, I am doing a new thing. It is time to revisit and travel the ancient pathways. It is a roadway through the wilderness. There are old roots that can give new growth. There is old seed able to become a new plant. This old seed is hidden, waiting to be planted and watered. It’s ready to burst into bloom.

I have changed your perspective and now everything is different.