Prophetic Words for August, from 2008!

On May 20, 2008 I received a long prophetic word about coming changes in politics and government. At the time I was disappointed, because very little of this applied to the 2008 election. In fact, the death of Ted Kennedy didn’t happen until the next winter. (As an aside, the Lord gave me this word before Ted Kennedy announced he had brain cancer.)

I’m putting this out here because I think the word was about this August, and I think there may be more to come, hold on to your seat.

There are no longer any limitations.
Like the elephant that was chained to a post, you have believed that you were limited to what you could or could not do. There are no chains, and there is no limitation.
You can step into your destiny.

The generation of the sons of Eli has ended.

I am about to begin a second American Revolution.
This revolution will restore God’s first intention for America.
This intention was usurped by false gods and false religion.
There is dry tinder in New England.
It is about to burst into a raging fire throughout North America.

It will be marked by
Vital spirituality
Sound theology
Signs, Wonders, and Miracles
The Government of God.

Ted Kennedy is a sign of the end of the government of man.
He marks the end of the reign of the sons of Eli
The end of doing what seems right in one’s own eyes.

The death of Ted Kennedy will usher in the release of a new spirit of freedom and liberty.
This will mark the end of resistance to the government of God.

New Righteousness
New Justice
New Order
New Freedom

The Holy Spirit will begin to move in Massachusetts.
There will be an open heaven over Boston Common.
Mass meetings will begin to happen on the Boston Common.
Apostate Churches will return to orthodox faith.
There will be new songs, and a revival of culture.
This will spread up and down the east coast.

Lakeland is a foreshadowing.
It is only a tremor.
The real shaking has yet to come.
This shaking will be a 7.0 on the Richter Scale.
Everything that can fall will.
The generation of the sons of Eli will be buried alive in the rubble.
And no one will search or rescue.

Fallen, fallen is the house of Eli!
Never to rise again.

Fallen, fallen is the house of Kennedy!
Never to rise again.

A new American Revolution has begun.

Liberty and Justice for all
Liberty and Justice for all
Liberty and Justice for all

The Clintons will fade from the public view, never to return.
The spiritual power that supports them is defeated.

There are still many surprises in the national election, and another candidate may emerge.
A dark horse candidate whom no one expects.

Media will not decide the election, or determine the issues.
God’s agenda for the fall
God’s agenda for the fall

Surprise turn of events in August.
Hear a lion roar in August.
Not a political revolution
Not a sexual revolution
But a spiritual revolution

Rather than assassinations, we will see resurrections.

Eli’s sons will be forgotten and ignored.
Their churches will close and their kingdoms will fall.
I will hasten this process and speed their demise.
Because they have profaned my name among the nations nor feared me.
Therefore I shall destroy them
Even as a new generation rises to supplant them.
Neither a Samuel,
Nor a Saul,
But I am raising up my David generation.
These worshipping warriors will restore my fallen tent and offer right sacrifices.
Even as the Elies, Jesses, and Sauls have attempted to deny and kill them
They will rise with healing in their wings.

There will be songs and dancing
There will be songs in the night.

There is a new American Revolution coming.
Behold and see that it has begun.

Fallen, Fallen is the house of Eli!

May 20, 2008