An Encouraging Prophetic Word

This was on Johnny Enlow’s facebook page this weekend.


James Rene is a new friend and pastor/prophet at Higher Vision Church here in Valencia, California where we fellowship. Here is a word he just received that I think is quite good.
“The Spirit of the Lord is about to deal a death blow to Jezebel’s domain in
The Lord is calling out a people who set themselves apart, who have not
succumb to compromise from the spirit of this world and unrighteous
influences from the culture of the day. He’s anointing individuals in every
mountain of society with a kingly anointing & warrior spirit… He’s
commissioning them with a mandate as He did with Jehu to confront and take
down’s Jezebels’ dominion, influence, and impact in individual lives,
marriages, families, churches, cities, and our nation. The spirit of the
Lord is commissioning and strategically sending warriors in every mountain
that will be given divine favor and access to bring about transformation and
a movement for righteous cultural change…
I saw tremendous favor and promotion of believers in the arts and movie
industry being released to proclaim and promote the goodness, redemption,
and righteousness of God.. I saw believers in the industry coming out as
never before, and many others who have not known the Lord coming in to the
kingdom… A The spirit of fear and intimidation that has hindered or
silenced God’s people and righteousness in Hollywood and the arts- will suffer
a major blow.
I heard the spirit of the Lord say… I’m am placing a new king and cabinet
in the White House with a Jehu mandate, anointing, and warrior spirit to
confront Jezebel’s rule and influence that will bring divine reversals in
key areas that have impacted our society and nation, key dramatic changes
that many thought could not happen!!! People will proclaim God is moving.
He must be intervening…
This will be just one facet that will be preceded and released by a great
movement of intercession from God’s people birthed out of great urgency and
divine provocation from the Holy Spirit that will unlock a great spiritual
awakening and harvest of lives for God’s kingdom in our nation.
America, your moment of time and best days are upon you!”

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