An Open Letter to Retailers

Dear Retailers:

We have had a long relationship. I know you have begun to depend on me.  Even so, you have been taking more than you have been giving. I’ve resisted writing this letter because I want to be known for what I am for, not what I am against.
Yesterday I received my first direct mail wanting me to enter into the upcoming shopping season. They wanted me to buy holiday cards, and I reached my “tipping point.”

In light of the recent shootings of Christians on American soil, and Christian persecution across the globe, and the redefining of one of the sacraments of my faith by the culture, I have decided that you can’t have Christmas anymore.

That’s right, I’m taking Christmas back.

You see, there is only one reason we buy presents in December. It’s because three wise men brought gifts to Jesus Christ. Not only that, we believe that Jesus Christ is the true gift at Christmas. Even Santa Claus is one of our most revered fathers of the faith, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. I want him back too. Although even non-believers celebrate in December, they are taking the lead from Christians. Hanukkah has no tradition of gift-giving, and in pre-Christian Europe Solstice was a time for human sacrifice, not gift-giving.

Because we believe in loving other people, and because we believe in doing unto others (Jesus is the one who said that), we have let you take our holiday and sideline its meaning, and destroy the simple joy of sharing love through gifts. We let you go, but you didn’t respect us. It’s been an abusive relationship.

But now the stakes are too high, and the culture war has become a real one where blood is being shed and people are going to jail.  The culture is screaming.

So, I have decided that every company that tells me to buy a “holiday” tree, a “holiday” card, or tells me to have a good “holiday” doesn’t need my business. (I mean, you made these decisions to avoid offending non-Christians anyway.) I am going to cut a Christmas tree, make Christmas cards, and I will be celebrating all 12 days of Christmas (From December 25th to January 6th).

Like I said, this is a relationship, and it has been one of take, take, take. You’ve taken Christmas, family peace, Thanksgiving, and given me a lot of stress.  And you take my money.

It’s time to let you go.

I hope you understand. The stakes are too high. And I’m sure someone else will wake up and cater to the 40% of Americans who are weekly church attenders, and the 75% who still identify as Christian. It’s not personal, it’s business. Enjoy Black Friday without me. If you change your ways and respect me I might come back.

On the bright side, you still have all the Diwali and Kwanzaa shoppers.


The Christmas Shopper


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