Cultural Power is Political Power

Every few months I have a talk with a Christian who is caught up in political activism. Usually these folks are caught up in Conservative causes, but have laid aside their art. Generally the reasoning is “I think the country is a mess and I have to do something about it, art can wait.” No, art can’t wait, because politics is not the beginning of culture, it is the result of culture. Stories, movies, TV shows, songs, and books all form culture, and those things influence politics, at least in a democratic republic.

Ace of Spades does a very rant-like blog post on this subject. There are a few F-bombs in here, so be alert, but it makes the point. One I pretty much agree with:

“These charlatans, these Priests with no Religion save the dumb vanilla religion of corporate-friendly socialism, deign to tell the world what is Sacred and what is Profane, and I say to them: I don’t listen to Priests, and I especially don’t listen to idiot Priests whose gods are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Sandra Fluke.”

“They are Enemy, they are the weird priests of strange gods, and they’re not even American — they define themselves as transnational cosmopolitan progressives who are too swank for any nationality.”

Read it all here.

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