Here is another post from our friend in the U.K., Donna Drouin.


Sometimes the origin of a word has revealed a deeper meaning which has been lost through history.

The word truth is an old Norse word, meaning faith a word of honour. It comes from a Proto-Germanic word, trewj, meaning having  good faith, tru – a tree on the notion of steadfast as an oak. A dictionary definition will define truth as;

A known fact

Conformity to a reality or actuality

A true statement

The quality of being near to the true value.

Isn’t this what we are trying to be? Christians carry Christ in us, we are truth bearers. If we don’t show and share the truth, how will people know what Heaven, Christ, God , the Holy Spirit is.Yes we can show the worlds brokenness, the darkness the heartbreak, that we see, but we also need to show the truth.Use your gifting, do it with heartfelt application, and as you do so do it personally. Continue to read Gods word and have fellowship( I love that word, fellow ship , a ship of fellows) with people in church so your not just bouncing along but firmly rooted.

Whenever I think about the first artists in the bible, I consider what they were commissioned to make and I find it hard to comprehend all that gold, silver and colour in the bright desert sun, reflecting-dazzling light it must’ve been really hard to actually look at it, completely overwhelming.

Saying here is the presence of God.

Here smell this is the presence of God.

This is where God is,this is a small representation of Heaven, here on earth. …… Personally I would find  this too much to take in visually ….. Completely overwhelming.

How often do you walk into a church and feel Gods Presence and be that overwhelmed?

So we need to be the certainty in age of deception . We need to be a truth bearers. You are appointed to do this.appointed to show Gods truth in your work .

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