Prophetic Word of Waves, March 1, 2016

This morning while I was getting ready to go on a few days of retreat, I stumbled upon a movie trailer for a film called The Wave. I could not help but notice it, so I took a moment to watch the trailer.  It got my attention, and I think it was a sign of the season I have been sensing and anticipating.

My friends who are close to me know that I have seen several visions of waves over the past 9 years. The most notable happened on August 8, 2008. It was not long after the Lakeland Revival happened. Here is the vision:

On August 8, 2008 I saw a vision of waves.
The first wave was small, it was like a typical wave at the beach. People ran out and began to play in the wave. It quickly crested and faded, and the people stopped playing, and returned to the beach.

After some time, another wave emerged, it was moving west to east out of California. This wave was much more impressive. It was like the waves one sees in Hawaii. People were able to ride this wave, and many were riding it. As this wave began to increase and move across the United States, it increased and began to crest.

Suddenly, out of the East, a much large, much more dramatic wave began to emerge. I hear the word “TSUNAMI.” As this wave moved, people ran in terror. It’s power changed everything in it’s path. Eventually, the Westward wave crashed into the Eastern wave. Some who were riding the Westward wave were thrown from it, because they were riding it for their own ends. Others lept from that wave onto the other wave. There were men and women riding the Tsunami as well. Actually, they were standing on it, and walking around. It was the floor that they walked on. Behind this wave was destruction and transformation. Things were clean in places. Other places were devastated. Clearly, everything behind the Tsunami was changed. Nothing was the same.
Because of this vision, I have been paying close attention to Bethel Church, and the “revival culture” they have created. Truly the best way to describe Bethel has been a place where many have jumped on the wave and they have learned to ride. It has been a beautiful thing to watch as thousands of people around the world have encountered healing, changed identity, and wholeness. But wait, there is more.

To say what I am about to say will offend a few people. God is about to do something that will make Bethel look small.

In the history of revivals, there are a few that do not follow the normal pattern. A big break from the norm was Toronto. Toronto in many ways shares characteristics of the Methodist revival and the Cane Ridge Revival. The Methodist revivals spread beyond Wesley and were picked up by others who preached a personal relationship with God, ongoing transformation by the Holy Spirit, and personal holiness. Because of this, the revival continued to grow into other movements and eventually birthed the Pentecostal stream. A similar thing happened with Toronto. All the major movements today share a common root in Toronto, even though the meetings in Toronto ended many years ago.

The interesting thing about Toronto was its offensiveness. The endless laughing turned many off. Several denominations and charismatic groups said this was evil, from the devil, and should be stopped. Interestingly, the Anglican church took a “wait and see” approach. Because of this, the revival jumped over to England and spawned the Alpha course.

God is about to be more offensive. He is about to heal the division between Catholic and Protestant. He is also about to restore the sacraments to the church–and a few other things that Protestants reject. I have seen this beginning to happen in many places. Something is about to happen that is going to shift reality in the global church, just as dramatically as the Protestant Reformation. I think the laughter at Toronto was to prepare for this greater offense. We are about to see tongue speaking, Eucharistic, Bible centered churches where people get healed and go to confession. Look out. If this offends you, you better ask yourself, “Am I willing to go with God and jump onto the WAVE that is coming?”

I have been searching myself lately.  I have been asking myself this question.  Something as dramatic as a Tsunami is approaching, and you only have a short time to prepare.  I believe many of the things that concern us now will not be a concern in 6 months.  It may have a dramatic impact on media, politics, and every other realm of life.

One big area that God continues to highlight is the gay community.  What God is about to do is going to offend the secular world and the church equally, as men and women through off lies they have both been taught and believed.  Something huge is about to happen to the gay community.

Get ready to check your offense.  It might be a life or death decision.



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