A dream of a tower.

The other night in Dorset I had a dream. God doesn’t generally speak to me in dreams. When I have a memorable dream I pay attention.

I was sitting in a back garden near a swimming pool drinking a lemonade. I noticed that out on the other side of the hedge, a group of people were building what looked like a church spire, like we have in New England. It was built of new boards, and it rocked a little in the wind.

On the towere there was an overweight man who looked like an old hippie. He had long stringy hair, wore a baggy black shirt and faded blue jeans. The other person that stood out was a young professional looking woman in a business suit with a short skirt and high heeled shoes. She and the others were holding onto the tower and trying to hammer in nails and do various tasks, but this was difficult. Because the structure responded to the wind and the weight of the people, it would sometimes move.

Then they began to use a pully system to bring up a pre-fabricated vinyl window for the tower. The business woman tried to force the window in place, but it didn’t fit. After a few moments the hippie lost interest and began to climb down the tower. His sudden movement caused the tower to shift. The business woman let go of the window (She was afraid of heights) and grabbed onto the structure. She panicked and was unable to move. Then the dream ended.

I sensed that some of the interpretation is this: God is doing a new thing, but there are many who are trying to build a thing that looks like the past. Even though it resembles the past, the materials are lower quality, and the foundation is not there. Because there is no foundation, the whole building is wobbly. Using pre-packaged strategies will not work. Using new tactics from business will not work. Going back to the Era of the Jesus Movement and the Hippie era will also not work. God is wanting to build a new structure on a solid foundation, with new materials, and new people.

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