Prophetic Word for Chislev 2016

Every year in December I receive a prophetic download.  December coincides with the Hebrew month of Chislev.  This year Christmas and Chanukah coincide, and the Lord is highlighting the alignment of light, rededication and the Word becoming flesh.  This year the Lord has also been highlighting the times and seasons that we are in.

There has been a dramatic shift that began during Rosh Hashanah this year.  Many prophetic voices have been noticing this.  We are in the sharp transition from the government of man to the government of God.  God’s government is not like the vision of government that was promoted by the “moral majority.”  This was the government of man with “Christian moral values.”  It was still the government of man.  God is in the process of establishing His government in the earth.  God governs by becoming flesh and living among us.  We are going to see more and more people embodying the indwelling Jesus in media, arts, culture, and civic life.  This indwelling presence of Jesus is going to eventually “trickle up” to governmental structures.

One commentator that I read said that what set Donald Trump apart from the other Republican candidates was the sense that the most of the candidates were “small ball” conservatives.  Many of the candidates were content to live and work within a broken and corrupt system as long as their conservative talking points—abortion and family values—were protected.  Donald Trump understood that the larger underpinnings of government and the economy were broken.  He latched onto a narrative steeped in larger history.  This narrative and its message resonated with many people.

A similar thing is happening in the church.  There are many who believe that they can have a “small ball” approach to art and culture, but still want to do this within the system established by the protestant reformation.  This system is deeply suspicious of the arts, culture, and the Incarnation.   God is awaking people to the BIG NARRATIVE in the Bible and its importance at this time, God became a man and blessed this creative realm.  Watch as God begins to awaken leaders to the themes in scripture that have been overlooked and neglected.  As this awakening happens things are going to get a little weird for a season, but the end result is going to be a dramatic shift for the church and a renaissance for Western Civilization.

Recently Kris Vallaton shared a word that God was changing the symbol of the prophetic in these season from the eagle to the owl.  You can read his explanation here.  Whereas the eagle is a symbol of strength, pioneering, and adventure; the owl is a symbol of wisdom, solitude, and mystery.  God is beginning to release the answer to John Wesley’s prayer: “O that you would restore those things so long separated, knowledge and vital piety.”  The intolerance toward sound teaching, intellectual integrity, and basic facts in the charismatic and evangelical church is going to give way to a group of scholar-servants who are filled with the Holy Spirit.  We are going to see miracle working scholars, artists, and leaders who are comfortable in the halls of learning and the realm of the spirit.

God is about to release a creative anointing like never before.  Start expecting prophetic artists in video game design, film, and advertising.  We are about to see the Lord changing people through “smart bombs” in the culture.

God is also looking for those who will go low and serve.  He is not going to use those who take a “mandate” attitude toward the culture.  God is not “taking mountains” in this season.  The mountain of the Lord’s House will overshadow the earth and all of culture and society will begin to walk in his shadow and be transformed.

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