A word for Belonging House

One of our prayer team sent me this word last week. It was encouraging.

Via Holy Spirit, I have continued to pray for “The House of HIs Longing,” this is how He refers to the actual house/building that will some day be your permanent dwelling place…I am going to start a journal of entries for when I pray/intercede for this great and holy endeavor…so many good/positive words have come! Here are some of them:

Belonging House, yes, the house of my longing! It will be a place where the prayers of the saints will take tangible form, a place that my son, Crist will be able to call, ‘home,’ and really mean it. This will also be a place for great prayer/intercession encounters, it will be a home and a gathering place, a place where 24/7 prayer will take place, and many will come to share, pray, and fellowship. To My Intercessors, it will be like an Oasis in the desert, so many of my favored ones are hungry and thirsty to find such a place, a place where they can come as often as My Spirit prompts them to go deep, deep, deep and touch My Face via their prayers.
Families will be formed here, Spiritual families! Those that declare, “There is no better thing than to be in Your Presence, O’ God, and no better thing than to serve You!” And , yes, My son, Christ, will finally feel genuinely loved, acknowledged, appreciated, accepted and sought after for who He is, My awesome, gentle, kind, passionate favored one, and good, good friend.

Pray for Christ and The House of My Longing, The mandates upon him are many and heavy. Not unlike some of my trailblazing sons and daughters of the past, this type of work requires much spiritual work, many, many hours, and great sacrifices of many things…loneliness, is a big thing in the lives of my trailblazing children, at times it is required of them to be at many gatherings, creating spiritual blueprints for those that are yet to come. It is a life of great sacrifice and not one he should be doing on his own…many intercessors are needed; those with great depth and vision, hope and the holy tenacity of The Lion of Judah, that when the world, circumstances, hardships, and lack of vision come in, they have the words to speak via my Word, with declarations, decrees, and proclamations, and superimpose My will over the will of the enemy.

Monies are greatly needed, I own the cattle on a thousand hill and the hills as well, nothing is too difficult for Me! Surround each other with love and tenderness from My throne intimacy is required with one another as it is with Me The prayers of righteous people that are called by My Name, can change this! Intercessors ARISE! DECLARE,DECREE, PROCLAIM: FAVOR!!!
Declare; We are children of the King and His blessings make us rich (Proverbs 10:22) We say all the nations and generations call us blessed (Mal. 3:12, Luke 1:48), we are Your children and are blessed and we live in the kingdom of the blessed (Mark 14:61,Mark 11:10), we are daily loaded with benefits and we inherit the land (Psalm 68:19, Psalm 37:22).

Declare: all assignments of the enemy against the finances, curses of poverty, lack, debt, and failure against this ministry are broken via the blood. We declare all the vats of this ministry overflow (Joel 2:24). We receive riches, honor, durable riches, righteousness in Your name (Proverbs 8:18).

Receive great blessings and get ready to receive a downpour of My Spirit causing many things that have been a hindrance to give way, by February of 2017, you will see many of the changes start to happen. Put your roller skates on, many doors will finally be opened to you. I am sending more intercessors who have heard the call to pray for My ministry. It’s going to be a great new year!!!

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