Setting up the apartment Wish-List

Here is a current list of needs for the new apartment (updated regularly)

Dish Drainer/Rack
TeaKettle or Electric Kettle
Waste Basket
Coffee Mugs

Dining Room:
4 Dining room chairs (We have a formal table, no chairs)
Good Quality folding Chairs
Oval Table Cloth

Living Room:
Area Rug
Curtains for the front window.

The colors for the apartment can be found at this link:

Spare bedroom (for use for AirBnB)
Mattress and Box Spring.
Bed Frame.


Due to high levels of mold in the things coming out of storage, We are looking for a HEPA vacuum and an air purifier to borrow for a short time.

In Addition there are a lot of needs that will require a trip to the store.  If you want to help in this way you can give through our Giving Portal .



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