A word on “Re-formation.”


In this season many are talking about “Reformation.”

What I am doing is not like the Reformation.  I am performing a re-FORMATION.

The various global prayer movements are changing the spiritual temperature. They are turning up the heat.

I am turning up the heat in this season.  As I turn up the heat in this season, the raw ore in the church is being transformed.  I am separating precious material from other material.  The next few months are about re-forming the church.  As I turn up the heat I am performing a “smelting” process in the church.

Do not view this as a “purifying” in the traditional sense.  I am not primarily removing impurity from precious metal.  I am separating various elements.

Imagine a lump of ore.  A lump of ore contains many elements.  It might contain copper, tin, silver and gold.  These elements are useless when they are bound together in one clump.  At this time I am performing the delicate process of extruding the each element from the ore.  I am doing this so the gold can serve its purpose, the silver can serve its purpose, the tin can serve its purpose, and the copper its purpose.

The process of smelting begins with heating.  Then the remains are sifted.  Then they are tumbled and broken.  Then they are heated again, and once again sifted until they isolated and identified.

Once each element has been isolated, identified, and purified, then I can use it in tandem with other elements more effectively.  Sometimes I can combine it with others under heat and pressure to form an alloy.  This is something stronger than the original element, and much stronger than the ore.   I want my house to function with parts that work effectively in tandem.

Many in my body believe that the clump of ore is what I described when I prayed that all may be one.  The ore left unchanged is a useless rock.  When I heat it and re-form it,  that clump of rock becomes many things.  It can a piece of jewelry.  It can become a coin.  It can become a tool, a pot, a weapon.  These things are very useful and very valuable.  I want a church that is more like a well oiled machine or an iPhone than like a clump of rock.

Many may be offended by what I am doing right now.  Even so, I am doing it and it is a very new thing.

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