The Rock in the Road

Last summer I spent an afternoon listening to a woman who wants to start a major initiative in the U.K. She has lots of professional experience and has had success integrating the arts into child and family therapy. She has done all her homework, and she is beginning to successfully share her vision with others. And then she told me about the rock in the road.

“I can’t get to the next step unless I have 2000 pounds.”

Suddenly, this vision that seemed very real deflated because of this insurmountable hurdle. Mind you, this person had experience managing a million dollar budget. Often times people miss God’s voice because they become fixated on the rock in the road that this keeping them from their destiny. For some it’s a job (“If I only had a job I could do thus and such”). For others it’s a person (“If I didn’t have this rotten boss I could do thus and such”). And of course, no one can do anything because they haven’t got the money.

The best part about the rock in the road is how it keeps us from any responsibility. We don’t have to move forward and act in faith because the rock is in the way. And we do not have to listen to God, because He is going to tell us something contrary to our received knowledge about how things are. Knowledge can be a kind of false faith. It’s really a form of pride that says “I know better than God.”

So I challenged my friend about her need for 2000 pounds. I told her she already had the wealth–she had the idea, the story about her idea, and the intended outcome. And when you have wealth, the money follows. You see, people have money because they are wealthy, not the other way round. When you come to a rock in the road, all you need to do is step to the side and walk past it. You don’t need to keep banging up against it.

There are several ways to walk past the rock.

You can do the last thing God told you to do.
You can do what you can with what you have (My weekly emails and this blog began with a gmail account at the public library).
You can tell one person about your idea.

So my friend and I had a great conversation. We prayed. At the end of it a young woman came over to our table.

“Excuse me,” she said, “I have been listening to what you are birthing and I want help make it happen. I am artist, here is my card, please call me so I can contribute to your vision.” Then off she went.

My friend was as they say here, was “gobsmacked.”

Nothing is impossible with God. Really. But impossible things only happen when we take manageable steps of faith. Big miracles come from little tiny ones.

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