Prophetic Conversations concerning Britain and America

It is has been some time since the Lord has released me to share public prophetic words.  Over the summer I was living in Scotland and God spoke to me quite a bit about what He is doing in the earth right now.  I found it very encouraging.

June 19 2017

From Lindisfarne.

This is the root. All English speaking Christianity comes from this place. Let these roots nourish you. Nothing Ancient ever gets old. Let the life in these roots flow through you and give you life.

It is time to reconvert England so that she can convert the world. England is central to my end-time plan.

I love England. England has been my friend. I never give up on my friends.

I am raising up new leadership for the U.K. and the direction of the country will be changing in the next year. That wind is already blowing in Westminster.

June 28, 2017 Stirling Castle

I have given Britain a splendor that I want to renew and restore. Remember in London when you asked me about church ruins? My reply to you was “I didn’t build that.”

Here across Britain are the ruins of castles that I did build.

Just as Stirling Castle was a ruin that has been restored, so is my kingdom in the earth. Many are beginning to understand the “power” side of the kingdom: this kingdom is a kingdom of power, not of talk. This is only part of what I am restoring. It is also a kingdom of glory. This is a kingdom whose glory will cover the whole earth. You (Belonging House) understand this is a kingdom of glory–of color, of sound, of light, and of regality.

I am establishing governmental centers thoughout the earth that connect the power and the glory.

14 August 2017

The election of Donald Trump was a cataclysm. His election is the clash between the government of God and the governments of man. I chose a bombastic instrument because I needed to blow up the structures that many believed were settled conclusions.

I am coming soon! Open your eyes and see the salvation of the Lord. There is a global shift happening. What worked in the last seasons will not work now. This is an urgent time and the Holy Spirit is brooding as things begin to birth. Prepare for a conflagration.

3 September 2017, National Day of Prayer for Hurricane Harvey

America’s best days are ahead not behind.

America is about to enter a golden age and it will be a time marked by joy and prosperity. As dark as these days seem, so the next season is going to be marked by light. Ignore the false end-time teaching. This is designed to make you afraid or rejoice at evil. I am doing something much more profound in the earth.

Over the next few weeks be prepared for an unprecedented exposition of evil. The light is coming to the media, government, and business systems. Watch for the downfall of structures established in the 1960’s to establish satan’s empire in the earth. There is going to be a sovereign move of God in the gay community as lies get exposed.

As more and more turn to God they are going to look for a place to belong. As they turn to me, they will not turn to the church. But the church is a real thing, and a new church is about to form. This is going to create a true apostolic reformation unlike anything in history. Do not look back in this season to old structures and answers.

Britain and America are about to form a new alliance based on kinship, identity, and values. The Holy Spirit is about to use the network of English speakers around the world to bring the Great Harvest. Rejoice! Rejoice!

Get excited because I am putting the right people in the right place for the right time.

I am about to establish new cultural centers in the earth. London, Boston, and Edinburgh are all important. There will be a new Anglo-American Alliance that will not be a new empire. Instead it will be a challenge to Marx, Nietzche, and Mohammed. Watch as the United Kingdom begins to voluntarily re-unite. Even Ireland will want to reconnect with Britain as the waters rise. Watch as the Tsunami erupts out of England.

America is about to discover her need for Britain. Britain is the mother of America. And Britain is about to regain her lost love for America.

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