Ministry Request Guidelines

Our ministry has been guided by two driving principles.   First, Christ John Otto tries to say “yes” to every invitation, regardless of the size of venue or the expectation of a set honorarium.  Second, our ministry Belonging House has been called to live by real faith—we rarely if ever raise funds or do formal fundraising.

Because Belonging House also believes in establishing a culture of honor, we have had to set some basic guidelines for speaking and ministry.  


All of Christ Otto’s scheduling is handled by Dana Ashley.  She can be reached at the Ashley Agency:

The Ashley Agency
P.O. Box 1406 White House, TN  37188

Dana has been part of the Belonging House family for a long time and she is glad to help you.

Financial Support
At his concerts the late Keith Green sold his records for “Whatever you can afford.”  Although we do not expect a contracted amount for speaking engagements, it is expected that ministry at your venue will not cost Belonging House money.  In most cases, at minimum a free-will offering should be received.   For conferences with a set registration, our general request is $1500 plus travel expenses for two.  Along with this, all housing, travel, and meals should be covered by the host.   Unless otherwise arranged in writing, payment of honorarium should be provided at the time of ministry.

We try to be flexible with every invitation, and details can be worked out when you talk with Dana.

Housing and Rest
Because a lot of our ministry is demanding, we ask that you please provide ample opportunities for rest.  In terms of housing, Christ Otto requires a private room.  He lives a “quasi-monastic” lifestyle, so simplicity is not a problem.  The ability to have quiet, down-time, and time to regroup is essential.

As with housing, we keep it simple regarding food.  Please note that Christ has a severe seafood allergy (all shellfish, including prawns and shrimp).

For extended ministry trips, the day after a conference or an all day event needs to be a day off.  Generally Monday has been scheduled as a down day where Christ can get quiet and rest.

We also request that no prophetic ministry or prayer ministry be planned outside the ministry events.  Usually the anointing during a conference or event has lifted by the time we have gone to a meal or returned to a host home.   We believe in organic ministry, and are open if God does make something happen, but please do not expect it.

Group Size
Christ Otto has been committed to going “for the one” if necessary.  If you can gather 12 people, we will find a way to be there.  We have (almost) traveled to the ends of the earth to speak, encourage, and train small groups of artists and creative people.  The majority of Belonging House ministry events have happened in homes, usually following a meal or coffee.

For events where Christ will be leading worship, please provide a professional grade keyboard with a sustain pedal.   We favor an in tune acoustic piano.

Book and Product Sales
We ask that you give opportunity to share and sell Belonging House Creative materials.  The books are a core part of our ministry.   We ask that you provide a volunteer to help manage the book sales.   We are sensitive to communities who do not exchange goods in the church space or on the Sabbath.  We are happy to make accommodations.