Sex and Cynicism

In 11 years the top blog posts in terms of hits have been these prayers.

Not surprisingly, sex is number one, cynicism is number 2.


Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is the Son of God who takes away the sin of all those who repent and confess him as Lord.

The blood of Jesus cleanses me from all sin. I claim freedom from all sin of a sexual nature that came through my eyes, ears, mind, or through sexual activity.

In particular, I confess all preoccupation with sensual desires and appetites, all longing for that which is forbidden, and all unnatural affections, all unrestrained passions and lusts, and all activities that produce lewd emotions or foster sexual sin. I further confess all filthy communication, obscene and filthy language, course conversations and jokes, lewd and obscene music, poetry, literature, and art; all forms of pornography, all acts of sodomy, adultery, immorality, fornication, masturbation, gender confusion, or homosexuality.

I also confess all affection for and attachment to philosophies, religions, and lifestyles which glorify, promote, and condone sexual conduct contrary to the clear reading of Scripture.

I further renounce the promotion of non-Biblical sexual attitudes and lifestyles in art, literature, mass-media, and public attitudes and practices. Lord, I ask that your Holy Spirit reveal to me the other areas where I have allowed demonic torment through sexual sin.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all unclean spirits to come out of me now. I break all unholy soul ties and ask you Lord to return to me all that was lost through sexual activity.

Jesus Christ became a curse for me on the cross (Gal. 3:13). I declare all curses over my life, through my sin, or the sin of my ancestors to be broken in Jesus’ name. I hereby rededicate my body, mind, soul, and spirit to you Lord Jesus Christ, to be used for your glory alone. I also give you my will, emotions, and affections, to be controlled by your Holy Spirit. I choose to avoid the near occasion of sin, and to live an upright life. Amen.


If you find that you have a recurring issue with sexual or relational brokenness, we highly recommend Desert Stream.  Thousands have found hope and healing through their ministry.






Dear Heavenly Father:

You tell us in the book of proverbs that “hope deferred makes the heart sick.”  I have had my hopes deferred through disappointments with leaders, relationships, and institutions.  Rather than accepting disappointments and offenses, and forgiving those who have not met my expectations; I have grown hard and calloused.  I have become cynical.

I confess to you almighty God and to my brothers and sisters that I have embraced the sin of cynicism and looked at it as even a nobler way of life than those who have “sold out.”  I have hid behind the mask of being “prophetic” or “discerning.”  I have allowed cynicism to manifest and hide the deadly sin of pride.  Because of this, my prayers have been hindered.  My pride has prevented my desires from being fulfilled and becoming a tree of life.

I choose to renounce cynicism and the root of pride.  I humble myself before you and choose to embrace people, relationships, and opportunities, even if it means I may get disappointed or hurt.  I choose to put my hope and trust in you, Lord, not in any human relationship or institution to fulfill my hopes and dreams.  It is only in embracing this cross that I can experience the resurrection life of Jesus.

I forgive and release those who made promises that were not kept.  I forgive those who thought they could meet my needs, but were unable as human creatures.  I forgive the schools, churches, employers or governments, and any other area of human society that did not live up to my expectations.  I now let go of any belief that they can meet my needs.  I surrender to you Father, and allow you the space to work.

I forgive myself for the sinful reaction to the disappointments of life.

I ask you Holy Spirit to heal the hurt places, and remove the hardness of my own heart toward others.

I choose to become like a child, not purposely ignorant, but trusting in your grace and mercy; knowing that hope in you does not disappoint.

I make this prayer in the name of Jesus, who was despised and rejected by those he came to seek and save.  Amen.